In an Ashtanga Yoga class there is a specific teaching approach, where even in a group, each student develops his series and asanas within his time, whether he is a beginner or an advanced student. The teacher walks in silence in the room, observing and supporting each practitioner, in a calm and gradual way. Students who need attention and doubt, wait quietly without losing focus on breathing, just as the teacher, in due time, goes to the student or gives the necessary instruction. Perhaps an observation in the way of breathing, perhaps an adjustment to the alignment of the asana, or even a change as a result of practice. But everything happens in a silent environment, in a group and a warm room due to the heat of several practitioners being gathered within each individual practice.
This approach is called Mysore Style, that is, a group class where each student practices their series, in their own time and within their individual development.
How this whole process began to be practiced and spread in the city of Mysore, in the state of Karnataka in southern India. This name became popular and established. Mysore program or Mysore class and why not Mysore Style?
In Ashtanga Yoga, each student dedicates himself to his individual practice within the classroom, and the teacher helps in the development of the technique, in the fulfillment of adequate breathing, and the collective energy is not lost so that everyone remains in the greater proposal. Yoga.
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