Junior is from São Paulo, and began his search for the path and knowledge of yoga at the age of 13, in the Hare Krishna movement. At 17, he became a monk and lived for a few years with his Guru Param Gati Prabhuji. For years he toured some monasteries and seminaries of Hindu theology. In 2006, he received an International BhaktiShastri (India) degree in care from Dhanvantare Swami. In addition to training in Hatha Yoga in 2007, his certificate was sealed by the Indian Consulate in Minas Gerais. Junior, before being a teacher, is a daily practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga as he learned from his teacher Matthew Vollmer. In 2015 he began his travels to Mysore (South India) where he holds his studies and annual practices with his guru Sharathji. Today he is responsible for the Goura Shala project in Belo Horizonte, teaching classes and traveling to seminars and practices.

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